Trump Will Never Be President or Hold Public Office Ever

Donald Trump considers himself a kingmaker, if not a king, who is destined to become U.S. President, though he appears willing to accept the governorship of New York as a consolation prize. However, he is being dogged with a little scandal that looms on the horizon, that surrounding wrongfully accused Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, whom his associates set up for criminal prosecution for wholly political and commercial reasons, that will prevent him from ever holding public office. Continue reading

Rockefeller Interests Implicated in Christie Corruption Scandals

The Rockefellers are used to getting what they want and have done since the patriarch and founder of the Standard Oil fortunes, John D. Rockefeller, leaped onto the scene to corner the oil market. The Rockefeller oil men and their corporate allies at General Motors and other major corporations have been working with and through the government ever since, corrupting everything they touch as they try to coerce the government into shoveling taxpayer dollars and crony contracts their way. Politicians who become embroiled in high stakes cronyism, like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, find themselves suddenly embroiled in scandal, with their integrity impugned and career in tatters or at least slightly frayed at the edges. Continue reading

Internet Giveaway Reflects Obama’s Designs to Diminish U.S. Exceptionalism

In its latest effort to hasten globalist designs for a new world order and diminish U.S. exceptionalism, the Obama Administration announced last week that it would relinquish control of the organization tasked with overseeing domain names, assigning Internet addresses, among other functions to the “Global Internet Community.” Continue reading

CPAC’s Diversity Panel Receives Scant Interest Due to Poor Publicity, Not Racism as Media Alleges

A picture, it has been said, is worth a thousand words, but often it only tells a part of the story, leaving the rest at the mercy of media spin. This was clearly the case concerning the photograph of an empty room of a “diversity outreach” program at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which went viral. Continue reading

New York Attorney General Proposes Bill to Help Wrongfully Convicted Seek Redress from State

Reflecting an auspicious trend in criminal justice, New York Attorney General Eric Scheniderman has proposed a bill, The Unjust Imprisonment Act, that would eliminate barriers preventing those wrongfully convicted in the state from recovering damages.

The bill will be introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, which, if passed, would allow those who falsely confessed or pleaded guilty to a crime they did not commit to pursue damages from the states while increasing the statute of limitations for wrongful conviction claims to three years. Continue reading