A Church of Community Organizers: How the UCC Transformed into a Political Machine for the Left

By Susan Bradford, Organization Trends, June 2014 (PDF OT0614)

Summary: For decades the Left has worked to turn churches into one more pressure group that will serve its political agenda. One of the saddest examples is the denomination known as the United Church of Christ, whose two most famous members are Barack Obama and his longtime pastor, the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I am a longtime member of the United Church of Christ, baptized and confirmed within the church. My grandfather, Judge William C. Dixon, served on the committee that established the founding UCC constitution. This denomination, which was formed from the merger of the Congregational, Evangelical, and Reformed Churches, traces to the Pilgrims and to the congregationalists who helped slaves escape to freedom through the underground railroad during the American Civil War.

The UCC also shares an affinity with the French Huguenots of Le Chambon sur Ligon, celebrated for the heroic efforts of Pastor André Trocmé, who harbored Jews in this quaint French village while Nazis marched through Vichy, France. Trocmé’s heroism, documented in Philip Hallie’s inspiring book Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed, dramatizes how perfect love and unflinching courage, as exemplified by Trocmé and his congregation, can overcome evil. Once the Nazis descended upon the village, they encountered peaceful resistance and immediately backed down, sparing the lives of the Jews. Not a single shot was fired nor drop of blood spilled. What Trocmé and his congregation demonstrated was the nobility of character the UCC inculcated in its members. The congregants did not need to be prompted by the government or community organizers to express their allegiance to God and to serve their neighbor. Their outpouring of love and charity emanated from within. Continue reading

Foxcom: Abramoff Prosecuted for Making Inquiry into Barbour’s Lobbying

In order to improve reception for cell phones in the hallowed halls of Congress, AT&T reached out to LGC Wireless in 1999 and invited the company to install new antennas on Capitol Hill. At the time LGC, which was the only company under consideration, believed the matter to be a done deal. LGC diligently submitted its paperwork to Congressman Bill Thomas, the Chairman of the House Administration Committee, which held jurisdiction over the matter. Continue reading

“Nothing (Abramoff) Did For Us Could Have Gotten Him Into Jail,” E-Lottery’s CEO Says

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act appeared to be a genuine effort to curtail gambling. In reality, however, the legislation was intended to help convenient store chains corner the market on lottery ticket sales for independent merchants. E-Lottery, which aspired to sell lottery tickets, surveyed the political landscape for a lobbyist who could effectively defeat the bill, which “took a direct shot at (us) in the interests of chain stores,” said e-Lottery’s CEO Ed McGuinn whose company was an emerging leader in the sale of lottery tickets on the Internet. Continue reading

Abramoff Saves Billions in Taxes for Tyco and is Prosecuted for the Trouble

Tyco International was bound to be a very important client to Greenberg Traurig – and most certainly, the Bush Administration. After all, Tyco’s counsel had represented the petitioners in the hotly contested Florida recount in 2000, securing George W. Bush’s place in history as the 43rd President of the United States. As a result, Tyco remained near and dear to the heart of the Bush Department of Justice. It was also closely connected to the Department of Homeland Security, following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Continue reading

The Shame of Saipan: How Liberals Manipulated the Media to Win a Billion Dollar Class Action

Renowned for its work on behalf of Holocaust victims, the firm behind the billion dollar class action against the garment manufacturers on the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands – Milberg Weiss – became ensnared by its own unscrupulous practices. In September of 2007, one of the firm’s partners, Melvyn I. Weiss, faced criminal charges stemming from the firm’s practice of allegedly paying plaintiffs to appear in class actions. Weiss allegedly concealed these payments from both the judges who presided over the cases and the companies which were targeted for the class actions. Continue reading

Lobbyist Scott Reed Implicated in McCain’s Investigation of Jack Abramoff

Scott Reed, a Republican lobbyist with close ties to Senator John McCain’s office, worked behind the scenes to investigate uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff, before seizing his rival’s clients for himself and his business partners. In a letter dated March 4, 2004 to Chief Audrey Falcon of the Saginaw Chippewa tribe, a former client of Abramoff’s, which confirms Reed’s role, McCain wrote: “I appreciate your Tribe’s willingness to assist the Congress’ investigation into alleged misconduct associated with Indian lobbying activities. We have met with Scott Reed, who was helpful on this issue.” Continue reading

The Story Behind Entitlement Fraud on Indian Reservations

Lobbyist Larry Rosenthal of Ietan Consulting appears to be the common denominator surrounding allegations of tribal membership fraud, with fictitious Indian tribes emerging all over the country with a shared desire to acquire casinos. Genuine Indians have watched their tribes become besieged by hundreds of thousands of fictitious Indians who are flooding onto their membership rolls and becoming controllers of tribal governments and businesses while legitimate Indians are being disenrolled, disenfranchised, and sidelined within their own tribes. Most of the newcomers appear to be of European descent and will explain, when asked, that they received their blonde, blue-eyed, European features from Native ancestors who commingled with French fur traders. However, in many cases, birth certificates reveal instead that they haven’t an ounce of genuine Indian blood. Continue reading